Proposing on the London Eye

Published on 5th May '17
Proposing on the London Eye

The Proposers


We're very excited to announce our partnership with the iconic London Eye.

Over the years we've planned many marriage proposals and romantic events on the London Eye. From singing and dancing flash mobs, to magicians, acrobats and ballet dancers, see here. There are so many ways to make an event personalised and tailored to the couple. That's why we've partnered with the London Eye to offer more excited clients that extra special moment whilst overlooking the most beautiful city in the world. With views of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Southbank, St.Paul's Cathedral, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge and pretty much everything as far as the eye can see. The London Eye recognises that it's a great place to pop that all important question, that's why they're now offering a brand new package to their loved up clients. Introducing The Proposal Capsule, with 360° views, a photographer, champagne, chocolate truffles, priority boarding, private pod, and entry to their VIP lounge. All for £395. For more details see here. To make the experience even more personalised, The London Eye have teamed us with us, The Proposers to offer that extra special touch.We are really excited and privileged to be working with such an iconic London attraction. To coincide with the launch of our partnership and the new Proposal Capsule, we interviewed The fabulous London Eye Events Manager Rebecca Thomas.
  1. Why do you think that The London Eye is so popular for marriage proposals?
It is such an iconic venue that offers a stunning backdrop; it really does make it the perfect romantic setting. The 360° views are an unrivalled way to experience London and they offer such a picturesque background for photos or video footage capturing the special moment.
  1. How many people would you say have proposed on The London Eye?
A lot! We estimate that just under 6000 couples have ‘put a ring on it’ at 365 metres above London.
  1. What is the most romantic proposal that you have seen on the London Eye?
There was one proposal that really made me emotional when I watched it back! A proposal earlier this year involved a flash mob of singers who performed the couples ‘song’. The girlfriend of the couple was so oblivious she just enjoyed the song whilst singing along! She was so surprised when the singers revealed their tops’ spelling out ‘Will you marry me’ - it was just lovely to see! The couple have such a lovely story to tell for years to come and I know they will remember it forever.
  1. Why did you decide to create a new Proposal Capsule?
We have so many proposals on the London Eye and the worry of remembering to get their phone ready or having to secretly ask someone to snap away is always such a big thing for the ‘proposer’. So we introduced a package that takes that stress away and ensures the couple have professional photos to keep forever!
  1. What is the benefit of this capsule over a The Cupid’s Capsule?
Simply the photographer… The Cupid’s Capsule is such a popular product and works perfectly for proposals so we have tweaked it ever so slightly to include the photographer. We know how important photos are!
  1. Why did you choose The Proposers to be your recommended suppliers?
The Proposers are experts at what they do and leaders in their field. We were really impressed with some of the proposals they brought to our venue and the team are a pleasure to work with!

You've heard it from the Experts. If you're thinking of proposing on the London Eye then you know exactly who to contact.

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